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Commercial Water Damage Prevention

Large-scale losses can be prevented by following a few simple guidelines:

  • Know where your emergency water shut-off valves are located, and have a contingency plan in place in case you are unavailable.
  • Create an emergency plan with directions for what to do in an emergency as well as a list of phone numbers of approved companies to call in an emergency situation.
  • Ensure that someone you can trust has the authorization to make decisions if you are unavailable.

It is a good idea to contact SERVPRO® of Panthersville who provides emergency response before disaster strikes. You can ask our IICRC-certified Production Team any questions you might have about our services or experiences. How quickly cleanup begins will impact the size of the loss.

The Importance Of Commercial Property Damage Restoration Work

Time is of the essence when commercial property has been damaged. The professionals at SERVPRO® of Panthersville understand the importance of getting to the site of the damage, quickly assessing the situation, and then getting the necessary equipment down there to stop the spread of damage, contain the work area, and get to fix things up quickly and efficiently so you can get back to profitable work as quickly as possible.

We have the tools, skills, experience, dedication, and the training to get the job done. There are many different challenges when it comes to restoring your commercial building, and that is exactly you should not rely on just anyone. You need professionals who know how to handle these types of work environments and are committed to providing you with the absolute best service each and every time.

Water Extraction in Process at Child Care Center in Chamblee, GA

A Child Care Center in Chamblee, GA experienced a water loss from a broken pipe. When it comes to flood damage, water extraction, and the restoration process, nobody does it better than we do. From the initial dry-out to final restoration, our Technicians are able to take care of you during the entire process. 

Commercial Dehumidifiers for Carpet Cleaning

Dehumidifiers draw out the moisture trapped under sodden carpets and beneath floorboards. Although a dehumidifier may not save all your furnishings, it is an important tool in minimizing the damages. Having a dehumidifier over a vent can help dry beneath floors, and other hard to reach areas that a fan could not cover.

Hire SERVPRO® of Panthersville as your Commercial Contractor

SERVPRO® of Panthersville has the expertise to perform your commercial water, fire, and mold remediation services. Our Production Team is also certified with IICRC, and they have obtained the Water Damage Restoration (WRT), Applied Structural Drying, and Carpet Cleaning certifications.

Carpet Cleaning Professional

Our Production Crew Chief is hard at work removing each spot from the carpet. He inspected the carpet, carefully moved furniture, vacuumed, treated spots, thoroughly cleaned the carpet, and performed a post-treatment inspection with our customer to ensure that she was satisfied with the carpet cleaning. Do not hesitate to contact the carpet cleaning professionals at SERVPRO® of Panthersville.