What our Customers say...


Jonathan did a great job...!! He came out quickly and did a thorough job and gave me several options. He was very professional and pleasant to do business with! So glad I called SERVPRO!

The worker came out in immediately and did an excellent job in a timely manner. He was very professional and courteous. There were no delays in how the work was done. He explained what he was going to do and how long it would take and to my delight he exceeded my expectations. Well done!

Javar was very professional, polite and competent. It was a pleasure seeing a young male providing such
exceptional service.

The technician went above and beyond to communicate with me throughout the process. I was thoroughly impressed with his customer service skills.

The Team that SERVPRO sent was absolutely fantastic. They worked so hard, were so nice, and were incredibly responsive. Thank you for everything.

You guys are great! The team came in and knew exactly what they were doing from start until finish during the mold remediation process. Before they left each day they made sure to walk us through the completed area to give us updates and what to do. I was really impressed on them educating us as well on the situation, and how to take preventative steps.

SERVPRO of Panthersville came in after water was removed and drying was complete to start on mold remediation and reconstruction. This was a great decision to select this company, and I would use them again. The entire team kept me updated throughout the process even on the days I was away at work.

I want to thank SERVPRO of Panthersville for their prompt and efficient service. You guys really made a trying time a lot easier to bear. I will recommend your service to all my friends,

Thanks to you again.

On February 10, 2018 my unit at Panthers Trace was put back together again. As I saw the work, I was so pleased and it really looked as close to the original as possible. It even looked a bit more refreshed with the newer kitchen and bathroom flooring. I felt like it was a place I would move back into again, but it was now definitely ready for my tenant to move in. After this experience, I would gladly recommend SERVPRO of Panthersville to anyone with a fire damage situation.

Could not be more pleased. These guys were amazing and professional!!

My hardwood floors in my kitchen were flooded from the storm. Michael came and reviewed the damages and reassured me that his Technicians would repair the damages. I was totally surprised that they completed the job so quickly!

My church had water damages from a broken pipe, and I called SERVPRO to assist with repairing the damages. The Technician explained the drying process and the number of days that it was estimated to completely dry each affected room.

I was referred to SERVPRO as the leading cleanup and restoration company during the Irma storm and so I searched for one online. I left a message with the Answer Service and requested that a Technician come out urgently to review the storm damages done to my basement, because I was fearful that mold may develop. Michael came on time as scheduled and his staff repaired my basement promptly.

Michael and his workers came from out-of-town and they did an awesome job of restoring our commercial building! Although more water entered the building in other areas than the initial inspection, they did not hesitate to make sure that all areas were cleaned and restored.  

I am happy to have worked with them, because the water damage restoration is really impressive. I could easily believe that they used some sort of magic here because the bathroom looks brand new. Great work!

The fire next door to us was so terrible that the siding on our house also got damaged. I called SERVPRO for both my house and my neighbor’s house. We are all so happy that you guys helped us out!

Continue the great work. The guys were prompt with excellent customer service!

I searched on Google to find a remediation company that removes mold, and I found SERVPRO. They did a good job of removing all instances of mold at one of my apartment complexes. 

Our library needed cleaning and SERVPRO did a very good job on this task. The staff were professional and they explained the stages of the work.

SERVPRO of Panthersville became a vendor of our company and we are satisfied with the services that we have received from them for each job.

SERVPRO of Panthersville performed water restoration services, monitored, and reduced hazardous waste from our commercial building. We contacted this company because they provide emergency services, and we needed someone to do the job immediately.

Michael and his staff did a good job of eradicating all of the mold infected areas at my retail store.

The SERVPRO staff received all 10s from the Customer Satisfaction form that I completed. They did a great job!

I would definitely use this SERVPRO to assist me with any more cleaning that I require at my office. 

Call my insurance to see if SERVPRO is covered and then call them first to get an inspection. SERVPRO does a great job.

I am very pleased with the professionalism and caring attitude of Mark and Travis. They were excellent and kept me informed step by step. I am totally and completely satisfied!

I was confident that the SERVPRO Team had the knowledge and training to complete this job.

I was very impressed with the Production staff who completed the job in a timely manner although there were a lot of damages to my property. There were no delays and the staff communicated with me on the daily progresses of the job.

Thank you for doing a wonderful job in my house! Staff was friendly and professional.

SERVPRO did an excellent job to help with the flooding at my property. Michael was very professional, he was at the property within 30 minutes of my call. He gave me peace of mind. Highly recommended!

Mike Coleman was wonderful. He did everything he said he would and kept me updated along the way.

I want to thank Michael for helping me out in a timely fashion as he moved in quickly. You have been good to work with as well.

Michael came out and he was great!

I was able to text someone daily and they responded with urgency. Since we were able to communicate via text it was super easy to receive feedback and connect with them at any time. The team was great at keeping their word on everything that they would. I honestly do not have any negative comments, it was all positive.  

I think that your team is professional and communicates very well. I would refer to them to someone else without any hesitation.

You all are the best and amazing. Bobby and Adnan came on time everyday and worked with perfection. If I ever need anything else in the future I will be calling you all first. Thank you again so much for everything!

Everyone was very well mannered and polite. From start to finish they explained everything in detail, I have no complaints.

The entire team was great throughout the whole process! I was in contact with Michael and he was extremely professional. The crew was never late, I am pleased and happy with the work they performed.

I enjoyed my service with SERVPRO of Panthersville. The team was very professional, prompt, and explained everything to me in detail.   

During Christmas holidays my pump failed which caused a flood in our basement. We called SERVPRO of Panthersville. They came out and extract all that water and dry it out.

They did a very good job.

I would refer SERVPRO to anyone.

Sewer pump failed on the septic tank. That caused tremendous damage to our basement. Our insurance company sent SERVPRO of Panthersville. They came out to look over the damages and told us that they would start the cleanup right away. I was very surprise that they would start so late that night.

I was pleased with the crew.

Called SERVPRO of Panthersville late night because I had a broken pipe in my utility room. Had water all over the place. SERVPRO got all the water up and place these fans in for 3 days. I could not believe that stuff could dry that quick.


I had a roof leak from the storm that passed through that night. Called on SERVPRO of Panthersville. They got up on the roof and put a blue cover to prevent the water from coming in and then started to dry the inside.

Very happy with SERVPRO service and the team.

Thanks guys.

Had lots of rain that week. My tenants called to say that the basement was flooded. Googled and found SERVPRO of Panthersville. They came out and assured me that they would be able to handle the job.

They were awesome. They moved my tenants contents out and dried up the all that water.

Thanks again for all your help SERVPRO

Came home to find water running down my driveway. Pipe had burst in my kitchen. All of my floors were covered with water. It was a mess. I called in SERVPRO of Panthersville. They came out and walked me through filing a claim and then went to work. The team did a very good job.

I told friends and family to call those guys in the big green trucks. SERVPRO.

Mr. Coleman did a great job, he was very informative, he satisfied all of our questions.